The bestselling single models ever now at our festival!

These are the all-time bestselling single car designs — and therefore the bestselling cars of all time. There is no Toyota Corolla here, of which more than 30 million examples have been sold. That's because there have been nine entirely different Corolla cars. However, the Corolla nameplate is still the most successful ever.

1 Volkswagen Beetle

Sitting at the top, and destined always to be there, forever and ever, amen. Just to recap: 21,529,464 sold between 1939 and 2015 . Illustrated opposite.
2 Fiat 1 24/Lada (VAZ 2101-2107)

Including some 2.9 million Seat (Spanish), Tofas (Turkish) and Premier (Indian) cars, 15,400,000 examples have been sold since the Fiat was introduced in 1966 (Lada in 1970). And, thanks to its unique suitability to the Russian roadscape, 200,000 still sell annually.
3 Ford Model 1

Until 17 February 1972, when the Beetle edged ahead, this was the bestselling single car design, with 15,007,033 sold between 1908 and 1927. All black, all tinny, all over the place. Illustrated opposite.
4 Fiat Una

Brazil is the last remaining source for brand-new Fiat Unos. But what an achievement: introduced in 1983 and, 8,500,000-plus cars later, still on sale!
5 Renault 4

Gestures triumphantly at the car that inspired it, the Citroen 2CV, of which 'just' 5,114,267 were sold: there were 8,135,422 takers for the 4 between its 1961 debut and its 1993 demise.

6 Volkswagen Golf Mkt

Introduced in 1974 and still built in South Africa (where it wears the name of City Golf and is the surest way out of the townships). Total output is nudging 6.9 million.
7 Volkswagen Golf Mkt

By contrast with the early Renault 5, this car, made between 1983 and 1991, seemingly lasts eternally. VW's factories worldwide, as well as in Germany, stamped out 6,300,987.

8 Peugeot 206

One of three cars in the Top 10 still available new. By the end of December 2006, 5,644,749 had been sold. And still they pour out, in Argentina, Brazil, France and Iran.
9 Renault 5 Mkl

By rights, it should be omnipresent, because Renault made 5,471,701 between 1972 and 1983, but rust has rendered it probably the world's leading motoring landfill.

10 BMC/British Leyland/Rover Mini,'

This revolutionary little car had a very long life, with 5,387,862 sold between 1959 and 2000, even though it's said to have taken many years to make a profit; it beats the Peugeot 205 (5,278,050 sold between 1983 and 1998) into eleventh place.

11. Citroen Nemo (Nemo 1.3 hdi X) currently outsells most other small vans in its class

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