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Here at the Celebrating Welsh and International Transport website we aim to share our love for all forms of vintage transport and infect you with a little of our fascination for the history of transport.

We hope to help you  find out how different vehicles and aircraft were designed and adapted to carry out many different roles, and begin to tell the story of Welsh, British and even international transport and aviation from the early pioneers all the way through to the possibilities the future holds. 

You will get to know car and motorcycle engineers, aircraft designers, the early manufacturers and their factories, the test drivers and pilots that took such leaps into the unknown, the mechanics and ground crews that aided them, fighter pilots, engineers and factory workers from the past to the present.  You’ll have an opportunity to consider how land transport and aviation impacts on your life and find out what its future holds.

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GEM Motorsport - Some of our best exhibits.

George Elliott Motorsport was founded in 1972 when a car mechanic from Kesh took to the forests at The tour of the Sperrins, seeded last on the road in a mini was the baptism that may have put many off but several gallons of oil later that day was the start of what is now GEMsport. After the minis were exhausted from the Kesh area it was Escorts that brought many fine drives. The arrival of MIA 424 marked the start of what some might say was and is Georges speciality, Mia 424 was a 2.0 Brazilian engined Sunbeam.

Quarry's is where he was most successful but was never far from the game on other surfaces either. After many successful years in the sunbeam the arrival of A HSR chevette brought him his first outright win in the conecrusher 86, a sight and sound to behold in a forest was the HSR with her large spray of stones behind.

A new era started in 89 when George used his skills to produce the most successful RWD 205 to date. The yellow 205 started as an SRI engined car( being the foreman of the Lochside Vauxhall garage had its advantages when the need to experiment with Vauxhall arrived). After relative success in the 8v Vauxhall released the mighty 16v, it wasn't long before George Wrestled it into the 205 and started a new era. This car brought many outright victories' like the spring rally, Carson's Quarry rally not to mention its unstoppable results in quarry's

. The success of the 205 was going to be hard to beat but he did it again when he built QNI 1950, a clubman grp A escort cosworth. This car took him to numerous rally victories and won almost every quarry competed in. In 1998 was the start of part two of the trilogy Trevor the son of George took behind the wheel in a grp N sierra, a baptism of fire for the young Kesh man but it wasn't long before signs of inheriting the gene started to show. In 2001 Trevor built his first success SHG 117P, a silver Pinto powered escort built along the similar silver Vauxhall of George who was rediscovering the fun of an escort.

It was 2002 that brought to light the potential of Trevor with several strong showings throughout the year to become Clubman champion. The year almost ending in the perfect way with Enniskillen's clubman rally 2/3's over it read George leading overall by 2 secs from Trevor, the result though pulled from them when Trevor's gearbox cried enough. George went on to outright victory to seal of good year for GEMsport.

2003 brought mixed fortune for the GEM men as George released BDA 71T Trevor purchased a 106 super cup car. George went from strength to strength clocking up class and 2wd wins on numerous occasions while Trevor suffered 10 straight retirements before getting a finish. George continued his success in the stunning blue escort right through until 2006 when he sold it. Trevor suffering from an abysmal year came into 2004 with the yellow sierra but a string of strong showings hindered by non-finishes, 2005 saw the launch of XMS 17R with the same spec as Georges it looked to be a promising package. The lack of outings showed as Trevor struggled slightly to get consistent form with a few shining moments. George on the other hand brought in new stock with a grp A evo 6 which immediately put him back on the podium with several wins in quarry's.

2002 started the third part of the trilogy in the form of Wendy the daughter of George. Attending University in Glasgow she was limited to just a couple of events a year but started her career with a television appearance at St. Angelo. 2006 with her studies now behind her, she decided to mark her true arrival to the motorsport family with 41st overall in a 90 strong field in Portadown. Wendy's car Mex 504P consists of Trevor's 2002 engine and gearbox passed down. With Wendy unable to attend Gortin 2006 Trevor took Wendy's car to a class victory and set the wheels in motion for his Pinto return. 2007 saw a vastly successful year with Trevor back in a pinto and several class wins under belt, George continued his success in the evo with class wins on his now few outings. Carn Quarry saw the return of the Yellow sierra after a 3 year absence, several long nights with Fieldsy, Ram and jonny Mac all doing their bit she arrived at Carn paint still tacky. A Battle of colossal enjoyment was set to happen when Trevor and George Took 2nd and 3rd overall( George admitting he let Trevor win for his Birthday) Several more outings and class places crowned of what can only be summed up as a good year.

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